The kind of hypnotherapy most frequently practiced in psychotherapy today is “Ericksonian Hypnosis” named after the late Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Dr. Erickson was very influential in bringing the use of clinical hypnosis into the fields of medicine and psychotherapy from the 1930’s to the 1980’s. As a adjunct to psychotherapy, hypnosis can help a client enter a relaxed, comfortable trance state for obtaining specific therapeutic outcomes.  With clinical hypnosis, the therapist can make suggestions designed to help the client formulate specific internal processes (feelings, memories, images and internal self-talk) that can lead to mutually agreed upon outcomes. Hypnosis is a method of communication that induces a trance or trance-like state.  Trance is a naturally occurring state in which one’s attention is narrowly focused and relatively free of distractions.  Hypnosis is not mind control or brainwashing, it can not cause anyone to do something against their will or that contradicts their values.  During trance, you are not immobilized and know where you are the entire time, you are still aware of external sounds, you can alert yourself and respond to any situation that needs your immediate attention.  You can open your eyes and bring yourself out of trance at any time you wish. There are very few risks associated with hypnosis.  It may be contraindicated for individuals with certain medical problems, or who are actively abusing drugs or alcohol.  While every person’s experience of hypnosis is unique, you will feel very relaxed and report a pleasurable experience.

Applications of Hypnotherapy in a Therapeutic Setting

  • Treating Phobias & Fears
  • Interpersonal Problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Help with Life Transitions
  • Blocks to Motivation & Creativity
  • Post Trauma Relief
  • Performance
  • Habit Control
  • Preparation for Medical & Dental Procedures
  • Sleep Disturbances

Hypnosis can be effective in many cases, but it cannot solve every problem and there is no guarantee it will work for everyone.  The advantage of working with a clinical hypnotherapist, is that you have access to an experienced therapist with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist you in uncovering the underlying root cause of your problem.  Call Deanna at 479-799-5577 with your questions about hypnosis and to schedule a consultation.