Our Beliefs

stonesOften people expect that a therapist will tell them what to do in order to feel better. At Professional Counseling Services of NWA, we believe there are two experts involved in your treatment-you and the counselor. Briefly, this is what you can expect when you work with us:

Client-Centered and Goal-Oriented

You know yourself best. Our job is to listen, explore, ask questions and reflect as you share your concerns & desires.  We will work with you to define what is important and meaningful to you, then develop practical strategies to help you reach your goals.

Solution Focused

Sometimes it seems as if you are stuck with no way to turn things around. The good news is that there are multiple options for every problem. We will help you explore the best options and find the answers that are within you. Throughout our work, we will evaluate your progress to ensure you are getting the results you want.

Short Term

Because we focus on solutions, most clients are in treatment a relatively short time. We will work together to determine how often you will come to sessions.